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tel. 61 8178 565, 61 8178 581, 61 8178 629
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Area: 155 km2  (including town area 8 km2)
Population: 18 203 inhabitans


The Kostrzyn Commune lies in the middle - east part of the Wielkopolska Province, not further than 21 km from Pozna, 27 km from Wrzesnia, 32 km from Gniezno, 20 km from Sroda and borders with Swarzedz, Pobiedziska, Nekla, Dominowo, Sroda, and Kleszczewo communes. International dual carriageway No 92 Berlin - Poznan - Warsaw runs through the town and region. There is a parallel railroad linking Berlin, Poznan and Warsaw.
The road location of  Kostrzyn Comune is the very usefull for Citizens and Investors due to S-5 road connecting Kostrzyn to a highway A-2 which runs just a few hunderd meters off the region’s south border. 

The land is mainly flat, but about 20% of the area (north-east part) is hilly and wooded. Land, under which cultivation takes nearly 80% of the region’s area, proves that it is an agricultural region. There are almost no lakes or rivers, and woods cover only 13, 1 % of the area.


UM Kostrzyn
Urząd Miejski, ul. Dworcowa 5, 62-025 Kostrzyn, woj. wielkopolskie,
tel. 61 8178 565, 61 8178 581, 61 8178 629, fax. 61 8178 191, e-mail:
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